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Here is a complete list of  organizations that approve our CPR/AED/First Aid and BLS courses in . 


Course Approvals

· Board of Education

  1.  Massage Therapists

· Board of Health 

  1.  NV Detox Facility 
  2. NV Adult Day Care Staff
  3. Ambulatory Surgical Staff
  4. Spa Facility Staff
  5. Lifeguard (BLS)
  6. Laser Surgery Staff
  7. Obstetric Center Staff
  8. Residence Staff for Mentally Disabled

· Assisted Living Personnel

· Board of Athletic Trainers

· Board of Child Care

· Board of Dental Examiners

· Board of Medical Examiners

· Board of Optometry

· Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

· Carson City Child Care Providers

· Child Care Providers (Dept. of Health and Human Services)

· Chiropractic Physicians Board

· Clark County School District

· Community Based Living Providers (Dept. of Health)

· Cosmetologists (Board of Cosmetology)

· Dept. of Occupational Safety and Health

· Dept. of Public Safety

· Dept. of Wildlife Management and Propagation

· Div. of Child and Family Services, Bureau of Services for Child Care (NV Registry)

· Elder Services

  · EMS 

  1. State EMS Personal
  2. Southern NV EMS Personnel 

· Epi Auto Injector Users 

· Foster Parents (Dept. of Child and Family Services)

· Health Division

· Marijuana Establishment Employees (Div. of Public and Behavioral Health)

· Massage Students (Commission on Secondary Education)  

· Motor Carrier Transport Persons (Dept. of Transportation)

· Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (Coaches)

· Northern Nevada Medical Center

· NV Body Artists - Pierce's and Tattooists

· NV Nurses - Board of Nursing

· NV Peace Officers Standards & Training

· Nye County Sheriff’s Office

· Out of School Program Staff  

· Outdoor youth support staff (Board of Child Care)

· Peer Support Recovery Personnel (Dept. of Health and Human Services)

· Pharmacists/Inters (Board of Pharmacy

· Physical Education Personnel

· Podiatrists (Board of Podiatry)

· Recreational Program Staff

· Ringside Physician (Athletic Commission)

· School Personnel (Dept. of Education)

· Western Nevada College - Nursing Program


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